What is Google Tag Manager? A complete summary Of Tag Manager.

what is google tag manager

If you are a blogger or a webmaster then google tag manager is one the most necessary tools for you. Because it plays important role in managing important website tags. If you are not a coder then it’s hard for you to do tag management, so it makes it easy for you and make it fast and efficient. This guide will give you all the information you need to learn google tag manager.  But what is Google Tag Manager? 

Before discussing what Tag Manager, is? First let see what are tags? 

Tags are the pieces of codes added to any website. There are so many functions they do. Its biggest example is the JavaScript tag which makes google analytic work. Insights of the site are important to make it run effectively. That’s why it’s important for you to create a tags manager. Learn how to do it?

What is Google Tag Manager?  

According to Google, it is a “tag management system”. It’s exactly done for the website, what CMS does to the content. You can create and manage all the tags, required for your site from its interface. You are free from creating each code individually, instead, you can create tags from its interface. Just simply embed the tag on each website’s page.  And make your marketing process well organized and accurate. 

How to set up the google tag manager account? 

1. Sign up for creating the account:- 

The sign up option on this platform of google is  different from other platforms. You have to do it manually.  

Click on sign up for free. You will be asked your company name, country, website’s URL, and where ( web, IOS, AMP, android)  you want to use google tag manager. Then click, “Create”. 

2. Follow the Instructions: – 

 Next codes and instruction will be given to you, that past these tags in the 1st line of the header tag and the body tag. 

You can do it, at that time or later. When its done, click “Okay”. 

Do Tag setup:

After creating the account, you have to set up the tags. You can create unlimited tags in the tag manager. If you want to create definitive reports for your clients and for you, it is very helpful. But if you don’t organize the tag properly, it will become inefficient. Google recommends using Type of tag, APP’s name, And details. 

For example, you are creating a tag for AdWords. Then it will be “AdWord’s conversion – Android – Christmas campaign.” 

This will be well organized and easy for you to check the data. Now if it’s clear, read how to set a tag up. 

Now See how to create a tag and make it function:- 

  1. In the dashboard of Tag Manager, click the “ Add a new tag” button. 
  2. They give the title to the tag and click anywhere on the box of “Tag Configuration” to check the tag type. 
  3. There are so many tag types and you can create your own too. Paste it in what you want to track. 
  4. Choose trigger means the action you want to record. 
  5. After selecting everything click the “Save” button. 
  6. And to activate your tag by clicking “Submit”. 
  7. After this, a “submission configuration” page appears. If you are ready select “create a version and publish” and if not, select “create a version.” 
  8. After all this, a “container version description” page appears. Add a name description to know what’s this tag for and make it efficient. 
  9. If the tag appears in the version summary you are done. 

Now we have covered most of the things from what is google tag manager to how to set up a tag. Now let’s see 5 benefits of using Google Tag Manager. 

5 Benefits of using Google Tag Manager:-

1. Tag manager is easy to use:- 

This is one of the biggest reasons you should use google tag manager. You don’t require any knowledge of programming language. Anyone can add new tags, makes updates, test new tags, and deploy it without performing the coding. Thus, it saves a lot of you and your IT team’s time, so that they perform other important tasks. 

2. Do everything in one place:- 

While using Google Tag Manager, You can get everything in one place. So it is also a big reason to use a tag manager. It was past when developers needed to locate java codes on the website or app to make any changes.

3. Easy to correct errors:- 

As you know that in tag manager everything is in one place, it is easy to check the errors and correct them. You can know and correct errors even without publish because you can them in preview option.  

4. Auto event tracking:- 

Google tag manager has a feature called auto event tracking. From which events like form submission, clicks, page view get automatically tracked. Without custom javascript code. It’s just required setup and this feature turned on.

5. Its absolutely free:- 

We kind of glossed over this early but let’s not forget: Google Tag Manager is completely free, and it’s perfect for little and medium-sized businesses. And if you own a big business you can go for a premium account.  

In the end, you can’t get results without applying. So whatever you learn from the blog implement it and try new things. This blog on what is Google Tag Manager is complete and we have provided an overview of a google tag manager. Comment your views and share