November 25, 2019


Web Development

A  pretty design is meaningless without great usability, a higher engagement of visitors and an overall increase in revenue. We will undertake a complete evaluation of before putting the figurative pen to paper.In our experience redesigns can be potentially treacherous, they tear down the good the bad and the ugly. Which is why we measure everything. We won’t remove an element that is making you money!
By looking at the numbers, seeing what currently works and what doesn’t we will be in a solid position to build a website that will hit all of your business goals.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Kautiya Infotech is dedicated to providing you with the results you need to gain online visibility. We will conduct a thorough investigation tofind out everything there is to know about your target audience and how we can utilize your website’s content to drive traffic and turn your visitors into paying customers. By listening to you and determining your business needs, we will put together a successful plan that will help you accomplish your goals and change the way you do business online.

Brand Identity

At our initial meeting you explained the need for a fresh, new brand that will appeal to both potential customers and customers alike. As younger competitors enter the market, it makes it more challenging to cut through the noise. We think that a rebrand, at the core of your business will help you to reach the vary customers you are losing to the “new kids on the block”. As such, we’ll include recommendations for a family of sub-brands to keep the branding of the individual services in your network, consistent with the overall identity.

Social Media Marketing

We kick-off all new client projects with a “getting to know you” session. We look at where you are right now, and where you need to be. Based on our initial findings and subsequent studies we’ll build a plan of action detailing exactly how we can to help you reach your goals. We never work ad-hoc; we work to achieve very specific goals. As such each step will be focused 100% on achieving these goals.

Pay Per Click

PPC as it is known in the industry, can be a vital tool for businesses to maximize their potential customer base. If you think about your own internet usage, imagine how often you find yourself in front of search results, whether on Google, Yahoo, or another platform. By combining the proper words that reflect what your company offers, we can put you in the most visible position on any search results page. PPC is pretty straightforward, and maybe you’re already familiar with the basics, but let me give you an easy to digest example of what we do.