Bad News!!! Google Temporarily Disable Request Indexing Feature.

google disable request indexing

Google Search Console is one of the most important SEO tool to Search Engine Optimizers and webmasters. It has so many features which are very vital. And one of the very important feature is request indexing. But google has temporarily disable the feature of request indexing.

Google Disable Request Indexing Feature

Google already has said that, they disable this feature because they are making some infrastructure changes. Google has anounced it on twitter.

When will this feature back

In the Tweet it is written that, this feature is disable for some weeks and after that it will be back. Request indexing features comes within the feature of url inspection. We use this feature for indexing a single URL.

It is mostly use when owner of a website publishes new page, blog or update a page or a blog. It does not guarantee the that your URL will be index but it claim that it can increase the speed of indexing means your URL can index in less duration.

Even when this request indexing feature was working google has not guaranteed indexing of your URL indexing. Google don’t index some content some time at all. Google has given information about this search console help page:-

“Requesting a crawl does not guarantee that inclusion will happen instantly or even at all. Our systems prioritize the fast inclusion of high quality, useful content.”

And if it is already said by google that it does no guarantee the indexing, So all website owners and search engine optimizers can manage without it. If google is updating something so we can guarantee you that, they are doing this for our benefit.

We know that if you are website owner then this feature is very important for you. But we think google might be disable this feature because of the lack of the patience we have. We don’t wait and because of this their server got crashed. Don’t worry it will be back. Till that wait.