Brand Identity

At our initial meeting you explained the need for a fresh, new brand that will appeal to both potential customers and customers alike. As younger competitors enter the market, it makes it more challenging to cut through the noise. We think that a rebrand, at the core of your business will help you to reach the vary customers you are losing to the “new kids on the block”. As such, we’ll include recommendations for a family of sub-brands to keep the branding of the individual services in your network, consistent with the overall identity.


We like to kick off all new projects with a Discovery meeting, where we’ll get to know each other even better. During this meeting we’ll dive deeper into your goals at Fields Inc.. We’ll look at who your target customers are, as well as the style and tone that will work with this group of customers. And we’ll also look at the ways in which you can differentiate Fields Inc. from other companies already out there.

You’ll get to meet our design team and our creative director, and we’ll also determine project roles and confirm schedules. Following the meeting, we’ll put together a creative brief that summarizes our conversation, for you to review and confirm.

When the project has been completed, we’ll deliver a complete set of logo images, concept drawings, and other documentation that will allow you to apply your brand both online and in print. We will include the following variations to work with:

Clothing (front shirt pocket, back of shirt, front of baseball cap)


URL logo

Full-screen graphics

Banners and Canopies


Facebook logo

…and more to be determined.

The length of the schedule from start to finish will be approximately 8 weeks (depending on your needs). We’ll organize meetings each week so you can see how your project is progressing. At each meeting you’ll be able to give us any feedback.

The schedule dates will depend on receipt of the project deposit payment, which kicks off the first task: Schedule the kickoff meeting. When we have your initial payment, we’ll develop a new, detailed schedule with a start date, weekly meetings for reviews and feedback, and a targeted completion date.

Below you’ll find the personalized pricing options we have put together for you.

We’ll present multiple logo concepts in black-and-white, which will then be refined by adding color. We’ll also develop various taglines for you to consider. Ultimately we’ll deliver a batch of separate artwork files in color and black-and-white, in several formats (square, horizontal, vertical, circle) suitable for print and web use.

We’ll design a 8.5″ x 11″ formal letterhead ready for commercial printing, along with #10 envelopes.

We’ll produce a 4-5 page document that identifies your logo variations, supporting colors, fonts, and a snapshot of the pieces we’ve designed to date (e.g. business cards and letterhead). We’ll include concept drawings for a small number of applications of the brand. This ID guideline will make a handy reference when creating additional marketing and sales pieces in the future.

Personal in-house brand training. A brand is about more than just a great logo. Our team of branding experts will run 4, half-day workshops at your offices, where we’ll show you exactly how to take Fields Inc. to the next stage of growth. Why would you need a workshop? A recognizable and loved brand is about:

Your messaging

Your tone

Your interaction with customers

Your content marketing

Your product

How you make your audience feel!

Attracting the right customer

And doing this consistently

During these personal workshops we’ll teach you and your team how to truly get the most out of your brand, and how you can take Fields Inc. to new heights.

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