Must-Know Digital marketing facts

Billion internet users in the world There are more than 3.9 billion internet users, 1.3 billion websites, and 2.1and still counting…

Facts & Stats about digital marketing

1. Searching Vs Buying Behaviour

  As indicated by measurements, 85% of the individuals in the United States are utilizing the web normally. Out of these, 92% uses it to look for items that they, in the end, wind up purchasing.

2. Email Optimization Importance

 It is assessed that over 55% of messages are currently opened on a cell phone which implies that email advancement for cell phones is fundamental.

3. Internet Users on Social Media

 It is accounted for that over 70% of web clients are available on in any event one internet based life stage, which implies that a dominant part of clients can in actuality become to through web-based life.

4. Social Media Importance

 Overviews and concentrates completed by specialists in Social Media Marketing, as Hubspot and Social Media Examiner, uncovers some delightful measurements about web-based showcasing. Results uncovered that about 90% of advertisers said that internet-based life is significant for their organizations.

5. Social Media Marketer Social Media Usage

66% of online advertisers are utilizing internet based life for approx 7 hours or more and 39% for at least 10 hours in seven days.

6. Mobile Users Stats

As indicated by the reports from Google’s ‘The Mobile Playbook’, 95% of clients utilizes Smartphone for nearby data on the web. In light of a similar report, 52% of those clients visited the store they found on the web.

7. Search Engine, The Traffic Machine

Web indexes are the virtual thruways through which most of the web traffic streams and discovers its goals. In view of the measurements, is the most visited site. (Source) with around 82% of searches being led through this web index alone. Furthermore, that is simply Google alone. So if a site isn’t doing great in its association with web indexes, it is truly passing up most of the traffic found on the web.

8. Number of searches on Google

The quantity of searches on Google every second is more than 40,000. There are 130 trillion recorded pages and this number is continually developing. This shows how the dependence and predominance of web search tool action over other web exercises is developing.

9. Google handles 80% of Queries

 Information for the August 2016 shows that Google holds the most noteworthy piece of the overall industry of all the work area look, with over 80%, trailed by Bing (9.9%) and Yahoo! (8.34%). For versatile inquiries, Google’s offer is significantly bigger, with over 90%.

In a study directed with SEO industry pioneers, 94% of the members shared that the title tag was the best spot to embed catchphrases so as to seek after higher rankings on web crawlers But The ongoing calculation has made a huge difference.

Title tag has quite recently become a piece of on-page SEO enhancement and Backlinks has been a major factor in positioning a site higher on SERP.

10. Top 1000 Keywords aren’t enough

The top 100 and even the top 10,000 keywords actually account for not that big a percentage of search traffic. That simply means that even if you could somehow dominate the top 1000 keywords on search engines, you would be losing out on about 90% of the total search traffic in play.

11. Different Result for Mobile

With about roughly 50% of the internet’s traffic originating from mobile devices, Google rewards websites, which are designed to respond to the user’s device and load themselves accordingly.

12. Google Algorithm Changes

 Google has been making changes to its calculation changes more than 200+ occasions on a normal.

There have been a ton of overviews and investigates led so as to decide the web crawler piece of the overall industry, and the figures do fluctuate in various reports. Be that as it may, the main thing they shared practically speaking is Google’s matchless quality over al the other web indexes. As per the com score results for February 2016, roughly 64% of searches have been led through Google web crawler.

Bing’s offer in the all outnumber of searches is around 21%, trailed by Yahoo! Searches, which speak to 13% of the all outnumber. Aside from this, other web search tools likewise have a minor offer in worldwide pursuits, which incorporates Ask Network with around 1.6% of the piece of the pie and AOL, Inc. with under 1% of the piece of the pie, in view of a similar report.

13. Search Query Statistics

Google’s market share on mobile devices is over 90%, followed by Yahoo! with approximately 5% and Bing with approximately 6% of the market share.

14. Usage of search engines

Usage of search engines varies in different parts of the world. While Google takes up the largest part of the search engine market share in the USA and India, Baidu takes up over 60% market share in China, where Google falls behind with less than 5%. This shows the huge value of search engine optimization. 

15. Most Popular Analytics

Google Analytics is the most popular analytics tool which is used by 87% of Analytic Agencies who provide professional web trafficking services to other businesses. Due to the many features offered by Google Analytics, many webmasters use this service exclusively, without feeling the need to explore other web-based analytical tools

16. Advantage of Google Analytics

The Biggest advantage of using Google Analytics is that the services from this tool can be combined with other similar web assessment services by Google (such as Google AdWords and Google Search Console), making a highly comprehensive and insightful analysis.

It doesn’t end here, The advance tool Google Tag Manager has combined all the popular elements and technologies over the web to make the implementation easy.

17. Major Website Users

  • Facebook: 2.072 billion users
  • Flickr: 90 million users
  • Google+: 111 million users
  • Instagram: 800 million users
  • LinkedIn: 500 million users
  • Twitter: 330 million users
  • WhatsApp: 900 million users
  • Youtube: 1.5 billion users

18. Google is Responsible

Google is responsible for 94% of total organic traffic on e-commerce but it’s changing now for the future. Google has now come up with a Google shopping platform where Google pulls live data from e-commerce website including prices.

Doing this e-commerce has seen a slight decline in traffic on the website, though this feature is still in the beta phase.

19. 86% improvement in conversion 

Video is the future and the future is now, People, in general, are now less responsive towards text and images. Using videos on landing pages on the conversion page will increase conversions by 86%.

20. Google stealing traffic (2019)

Google has now introduced an organic image listing like Google shopping ads. Affiliate marketers blame Google for stealing click traffic to increase Google’s search ad revenue indirectly.

21. 75% of people on average don’t click ads

Google has tried enough to improve the click on ads by their relevant algorithm but at this point of time people are aware of ads and 70-80% of a search engine click on an organic listing that the ads on the top.

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