15 Persuasive Copywriting Techniques That’ll Boost Conversions

Have you ever ever seen an object glow in the dead of night?

If in case you have, you’ll discover that even amongst darkness, that glowing object nonetheless captures your focus with its magnificence.

Equally, in a world the place everybody is clamoring on your prospects’ consideration, you want your content material to face out. 

In response to HubSpot, 49% of entrepreneurs report that growing buyer acquisition is their high precedence.

Subsequently, you want a aggressive benefit. 

On this article, we’re going to discover 15 persuasive copywriting methods that have interaction leads and convert them. 

So, let’s soar proper in.

1. Write conversationally – one buddy to a different

Everybody desires to really feel valued.

Nobody desires to really feel like a faceless entity.

If you write conversationally, you’re speaking to your prospect, making them really feel valued. 

You employ phrases like “I” and “you” to make your prospect really feel like a buddy.

However do take into accout the magnetic energy of the phrase “you” as you write your copy.

“So long as you utilize phrases like I, you, and me, you create the texture of a private type of communication.”Joseph Sugarman

Moreover, use easy phrases and easy sentences to create a lightweight environment.

The target?

To current copy that’s simple to learn.

It’s not about “speaking down” to your reader. It’s about readability.

With out readability, there’s no dialog. No persuasion.

Wish to see an instance of conversational copy?

Take a look at this snippet from Levi’s web site:

Levi's Persuasive Copywriting White Denim Season Is Back

Picture Supply: Levi’s

Discover the next:

• They are saying “seize” as a substitute of “get.”
• They are saying “your.”
• They are saying “head to” as a substitute of “go to.”
• They are saying “easy methods to type them” as a substitute of “easy methods to put on them.”

Doesn’t it really feel like Levi’s is having a dialog with you?

2. Inform partaking tales

Wish to transport your reader to your world?

Inform a story.

Research exhibits that partaking tales soak up those that hearken to them.

When advised strategically, a narrative can transport your prospect to, what Joseph Sugarman calls, a shopping for atmosphere.

The target?

To have your prospect think about what it’s like to make use of your services or products.


As a result of after we contact an object or think about doing so, we set up perceived ownership.

It’s the explanation why Apple shops show their gadgets. And why automotive salesmen permit test-drives.

“In all my adverts I attempt to make the prospects think about they’re holding or utilizing my product.”Joseph Sugarman

3. Spotlight a novel worth proposition

Your distinctive worth proposition (UVP) is what you must provide that few rivals can. It’s your edge, your distinguishable trait that others can’t replicate.

Right here’s a definition of distinctive worth proposition from Unbounce:

“Your UVP is a transparent assertion that describes the advantage of your provide, easy methods to resolve your buyer’s wants, and what distinguishes you from the competitors.”

In case your provide is simply too widespread, then it’s a carbon copy of the competitors. But when your provide is exclusive, it stands out.

That’s why it’s essential to spotlight your distinctive worth proposition. Put it up for sale so you may enhance conversion.

Take a look at this instance of a novel worth proposition from Mantis Analysis:

Mantis Research's-Unique-Value-Proposition-Persuasive-Copywriting-Why We-Are-Different

Picture Supply: Mantis Research

Mantis Analysis’s distinctive worth proposition is that they mix information and story for his or her content material advertising analysis.

4. Communicate in your prospect’s language

Have you ever ever learn copy from an internet site or an commercial and stated to your self, “Wow, it’s like they learn my thoughts.”?

Effectively, it’s as a result of the copywriter did learn your thoughts. She used your phrases to speak with you. She spoke your language.

And research exhibits how efficient this may be.

So, how can you get the within scoop in your prospect’s dialect?

Listed here are some methods:

5. Use the facility of creativeness

There’s a skinny line between creativeness and actuality.

Maintain on, let me rephrase that.

If there is a line, it’s blurred.

In response to research, whenever you think about one thing, your thoughts and physique interpret it as actuality.

Sounds loopy?

Effectively, we all know that is true, firsthand.

Let me clarify.

Have you ever ever watched a scary movie and felt your coronary heart pounding quicker than a techno beat?

Though you had been watching an imaginary world, your physique was going via the identical reactions as when you had been one of many characters within the movie.

As a copywriter, use phrases like “think about” and “image this” to ask your prospect to your imaginary world – a world the place their life has improved after utilizing your services or products.

And if executed successfully, your services or products will turn out to be a part of their actuality.

6. Use energy verbs to strengthen your copy

Verbs provoke motion. They direct your readers, taking them on a journey with you as their information.

However some verbs are stronger than others.

As an alternative of claiming: Tom meticulously researched the monetary assertion.

You’ll be able to say: Tom dissected the monetary assertion.

As an alternative of claiming: I vehemently emphasised my level.

You’ll be able to say: I hammered my level.

“The key of persuasion lies in our skillful use of motion phrases. The magic of promoting is within the verbs.” Roy Williams

Take a look at this copy from Oreo:

Snack Works Oreo Cookies Power Verbs for Persuasive Copywriting

Picture Supply: Snack Works

Discover how Oreo makes use of power verbs like “twist,” “dunk,” “please,” and “delight.”

7. Use repetition

Ever hear a track on the radio you thought was terrible? However then, you saved listening to it repeatedly, and out of the blue, you discovered your self liking it?

That’s the facility of repetition.

Or have you ever seen a pizza industrial often? Then, subsequent factor you already know, you’re salivating, calling up your native pizza store?

That’s the facility of repetition.

Effectively, you may harness the facility of repetition utilizing your phrases.

Research exhibits that reasonable repetition inside a message could make it extra persuasive.

Right here’s an instance of copy that makes use of repetition:

Haagen-Dazs New Soft Dipped Ice Cream Bars Persuasive Copywriting

Picture Supply: Häagen-Dazs

Häagen-Dazs repeatedly makes use of the phrase “comfortable.”

“Smooth” is a sensory phrase that connotes consolation. Excellent, proper? Particularly since Häagen-Dazs appeals to individuals who like consolation meals. (By the best way, I’m a kind of folks.)

Keep tuned for extra particulars on sensory phrases.

8. Provide a money-back assure

Your provide sounds interesting, however your prospects don’t know if they will belief you. They’ve been burned earlier than, and now they want armor.

The answer?

A money-back assure.

With a money-back assure, the vendor assumes the danger. And the patrons really feel comfy figuring out they’ve an exit technique.

Additionally, remember the fact that a lot of your clients received’t even think about your provide with out a money-back assure.

The cash-back assure conveys that the vendor is assured of their provide. In flip, this makes the client assured. 

“You have to convey the concept you are shouldering many of the threat. If you happen to can switch the danger from the client to your self, that removes the barrier, it removes the concern and so they’re free to do what they most need to do—purchase your product.”Ray Edwards

In his guide The best way to Write Copy That Sells, Ray Edwards states that “in virtually each case, the longer the assure the decrease the refund price.”

Right here is an instance of a money-back assure from AWAI:

AWAI Persuasive Copywriting Money Back Guarantee 100 Percent Satisfaction Guarantee

Picture Supply: AWAI

Discover how AWAI makes use of phrases like “No-Danger” and “satisfaction,” together with phrases like “promptly refunded” and “no questions requested.”

9. Insert sensory phrases

Sensory phrases set off your prospect’s creativeness. It helps them expertise your phrases.

Brain imaging research exhibits that after we hear sensory phrases like “tough,” the a part of our mind (the parietal operculum) that senses texture via contact is activated.

So, whenever you learn copy that mentions a “tough morning,” you’ll really feel it on a deeper stage than if it had stated “unhealthy morning.”

However what if you’d like your copy to convey a healthful feeling?

Let’s take a look at this snippet from Minute Maid’s web site:

Minute Maid Pulp Free Orange Juice Persuasive Copywriting

Picture Supply: Minute Maid

Discover how Minute Maid used the phrase “easy” to convey a pulp-free ingesting expertise.

10. Plant seeds of curiosity

It’s not sufficient to draw your prospects, it’s essential to additionally maintain them engaged.

To take action, you need to use a way launched by Joseph Sugarman known as seeds of curiosity.

“These seeds of curiosity trigger you to subconsciously proceed studying though you is perhaps at a degree within the copy the place the copy slows down.”Joseph Sugarman

Some copywriters name this system “bucket brigades.”

Listed here are some examples:

“And that’s not all.”

“Let me clarify.”

“However there’s extra.”

By planting seeds of curiosity, you assist set up what Joseph Sugarman calls a slippery slide. If you create a slippery slide, you make it onerous on your reader to tug away out of your copy. Their curiosity has them spellbound.

Why is curiosity so potent?

George Loewenstein theorized that curiosity stems from information gaps. Once we lack data, we develop a robust want to fill our hole with data.

So, whenever you plant seeds of curiosity, you open data gaps.

However as Joseph Sugarman states in The Adweek Copywriting Handbook, use the seeds of curiosity approach sparingly. If you happen to use this system too typically inside your copy, it received’t be as efficient.

11. Showcase testimonials to ascertain social proof

As youngsters, we had been all advised to not belief strangers. And as adults, we nonetheless have that mentality.

To achieve your prospect’s belief, it’s essential to earn it.

Nobody desires to have their hard-earned cash snatched from them.

Prospects prefer to double-check they’re making the precise determination. That your provide is legit. So, they search for social proof to information them.

And that is the place testimonials are available in.

Testimonials show that somebody has benefited out of your provide; that others vouch on your services or products.

If a majority of individuals imagine one thing, the minority fall in line. Solomon Asch’s experiment proved that.

Certainly, we worth the opinions of our friends.

However what’s the simplest manner to make use of testimonials?

Within the guide Sure! 50 Scientifically Confirmed Methods to Be Persuasive, Noah J. Goldstein states that testimonials are extra helpful after they come from somebody just like your prospect.

Wish to see an instance of testimonials as social proof?

Take a look at this snippet from Basecamp’s homepage:

Basecamp's Testimonial to Establish Social Proof Persuasive Copywriting

Picture Supply: Basecamp

Basecamp’s web site shows testimonials that handle the wants of their prospects.

12. Use shortage to create urgency

The final approach we mentioned was social proof, one in all Robert Cialdini’s rules of persuasion from his guide Affect: The Psychology of Persuasion.

Let’s focus on one other precept of persuasion: shortage.

Research exhibits that shortage works, whether or not you’re utilizing it for time or provide.

Listed here are a number of shortage phrases:

  • “Briefly provide”  
  • “For a restricted time solely”

Why is shortage so efficient?

As a result of it creates a way of urgency. It motivates your prospect to buy. Instantly.

Shortage capitalizes in your prospect’s fear of missing out.

Take a look at this instance of shortage from Tom Ford:

Tom Ford Persuasive Copywriting Sale For A Limited Time

Picture Supply: Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s web site makes use of the “restricted time” shortage tactic. However when you’re a Tom Ford shopper, you’re questioning how lengthy the sale lasts.

13. Make use of phrases that set off feelings

Prospects ignore stales phrases.

So, to keep away from uninteresting copy, use phrases that set off feelings. In flip, you’ll impress your prospects, making them enthusiastic about your provide.

Why should you attraction to feelings? Research exhibits that it’s unimaginable to make selections with out them.

“We purchase on emotion and justify with logic.”Joseph Sugarman

Let’s discover the emotional pull of the phrase “thorn.”

If you hear that phrase, chances are you’ll instantly suppose “sharp,” “prickly,” “ache.” Phrases related to discomfort.

Thus, the phrase “a thorn in my aspect” triggers feelings you’d need to keep away from.

Now, let’s flip the script.

Let’s focus on “love.”

If you hear the phrase “love,” you expertise heat emotions.

It’s possible you’ll consider your partner, your dad and mom, your youngsters, your finest mates.

Or the primary time you fell in love.

Both manner, the phrase “love” is a robust emotional phrase.

Now, take a look at this copy from Apple’s web site:

Apple iPhone Persuasive Copywriting That Triggers Emotion

Picture Supply: Apple

Apple connects an emotional phrase with its iPhone 11. Additionally, potent use of personification.

14. Use the distinction precept

In his guide Affect: The Psychology of Persuasion, Robert Cialdini mentions an experiment the place college students take turns sitting in entrance of three buckets of water: one chilly, one at room temperature, one scorching.

Every scholar acquired the identical directions:

Place one hand in chilly water, and the opposite in scorching water.

Then, place each arms within the room-temperature water.

Surprisingly, every hand had a special response to the room-temperature bucket. The hand that beforehand was in chilly water felt scorching, and the hand that was in scorching water felt chilly.

The ethical of this story?

The way you view one thing is affected by the way you distinction it with one thing else.

This is called the contrast principle.

Wish to see the way it’s utilized in copywriting?

Take a look at this instance from Ted Nicholas:

Ted Nicholas Persuasive Copywriting

Picture Supply: Ted Nicholas

Discover how Ted lists the common worth ($777.00) and the particular worth ($297).

The particular worth is $480 lower than the common worth. So, the individuals who purchased this product really feel it’s price greater than they paid.

By itemizing the common worth, Ted positioned his prospect’s arms in scorching water, then cooled them together with his particular worth.

Additionally, Ted gives a money-back assure.

So, he used two persuasive copywriting methods mentioned on this article.

15. Elevate objections, then resolve them

A salesman has a direct dialog with their prospect. If their prospect has questions, the salesperson can handle them.

As copywriters, we should elevate the considerations and questions that our prospects might have, then resolve them.

If we don’t, it’s the equal of dodging a prospect’s questions on your provide.

“If you happen to sense that there is perhaps an objection and also you ignore it, it’s like ignoring that shopper. You received’t get away with it. The buyer is simply too sharp and won’t purchase.” – Joseph Sugarman

Take a look at this instance from BMW’s web site:

BMW Value Service Persuasive Copywriting

Picture Supply: BMW

BMW understands that when most individuals consider BMW, they suppose costly.

Take a look at the place BMW takes you after you click on the “Be taught Extra” button:

BMW Value Service Learn More Button Persuasive Copywriting

Picture Supply: BMW

Discover how BMW says its pricing is “extra aggressive with native restore outlets than ever.” And so they point out “clear, up-front pricing.” They even seek advice from their restore service as “worth service.” All efforts designed to resolve objections prospects might have in regards to the worth.  

Your phrases should glow

You already know why we’re so fascinated by fireflies?

As a result of they glow in the dead of night with out the help of electrical energy.

They seize your consideration – whereas different bugs mix with the background, trapped in obscurity.  

As a copywriter, your job is to remodel phrases into fireflies.


Since you’re not aided by the facility of speaking to your clients.

You have to promote with the written phrase.

So, are you able to make your copy glow?

Visitor creator: Darek Black is a copywriter, licensed content material marketer, and the co-founder of Content Stride, a copywriting and graphic design companies firm. For purchasers, he writes partaking content material designed to draw clients. Join with him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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