10 Ways To Get More Views On Youtube. Like Your Favorite Youtuber.

ways to get more views on youtube

Nowadays, peoples like to view a video than reading a blog. Video content is in the boom. And the number one video platform on the earth is YouTube. There are 2 billion active users on YouTube almost 35% of the total population, and this makes YouTube 2nd biggest search engine. So there is a big opportunity for you or your business to grow on another level. But you should also know that you have 31 million other competitors too. Actually, not everyone is your competitor but the channels which come to your niche are. So today we are going to share with you, 10 ways to get more views on YouTube.

Below are 10 ways to get more views on YouTube.

1. Use Title, Description, and Tags effectively:-

We all know how important to use proper titles are. And if you are a website owner the importance of title is even more for you. But in YouTube along with the title, the thumbnail is also important. That doesn’t mean you should ignore your title. You should make your title informative as well as you should also use your title keyword rich. There are so many tools, that can help you.

That’s why keyword research is important on YouTube also. Using the keyword in the title, description, and tags will make the YouTube algorithm to look at your video relevant and to users also. If you use description properly viewers will get the idea that what your video is about and YouTube will think it’s relevant. The tags are also important because it also gives the idea that what is exactly in the video. Try to fit keywords and relevant words in Tags.

2. Use Attractive And Relevant Thumbnails:-

I personally think that the thumbnail is the most important thing that attracts the viewer to watch the video. Suppose YouTube shows your video in 1st position because of your YouTube SEO, but if your video is unable to attract viewers your ranking will start dropping. And to make your thumbnail attractive use a high-quality image, Put a keyword which shows what the video is about, and cool graphics.

3. Use Transcripts in the video:-

Transcripts or captions are important factors on which YouTube suggests a video in the suggested option or rank while someone searches for something related to your video topic. It is common sense if you upload transcripts in the video, it will serve the international audiences as well as differently-abled peoples. Your organic ranking will increase and with it your click-through rate also. And in this way, you will get more views on YouTube.

4. Your video should be engaging:-

You were getting views in starting and now it’s not? Your ranking was on top but now it continuously dropping? You have done the best on YouTube Seo and have used high-quality thumbnails but even after doing all this, your engagement is decreasing. Then it is because your viewer retention is less. You are unable to retain the viewers. SEO can rank you. But its only the content that can keep you on top.

Try to create content that is informative as well as entertaining. If it is entertaining and informative the viewer’s loyalty will be more loyal to you, which will make your videos engaging, Thus, your ranking will be always up not down.

5. Invite Other YouTuber from your niche:-

This is a very effective technique you can use to grow your YouTube channel. And one of the best ways to get more views on YouTube. Let’s say 60% of your audience is the same because you both are from the same niche. But even after that 40% are unique. If you get their 20% unique audience your views will be increased. And if your views will increase, it will help you to rank higher.

But to invite big guests, you should at least have an effective and unique type of content. And for this, you should first start focusing on your content and then invite someone.

6. Add End Screen And Cards In The Video:-

Now after all points, you have understood that how much YouTube SEO and your content matter. But YouTube has provided us some extra tools, and by using them you can increase the views on your other videos. These tools are adding end screens at the end of the video and adding cards during the video.

If your viewers are watching your whole video, they might be they are interested in your videos. So to hold them and increasing your other video’s views add an end screen, for which YouTube will give option while uploading a video. Try to add videos that you will think are trending and retain others.

Now let’s come to video cards. You can include cards in the middle of the video. It can be your other video, playlist, or also polls. In polls you can ask your viewers what type of content they expect from you or are they liking your video. You can add playlists. You can add videos that you think are relevant to the topic going on in the current video. YouTube has never disappointed their users and never will. Use this and grow your channel.

7. Creating Playlist Can be Very Effective:-

This is one of the best ways to get more views on YouTube you will ever find. Creating a playlist can be easy for you to get more views, easy for your viewers to find videos they want to see, and easy for the YouTube algorithm to rank you high because of an increase in your engagement.

But relevancy matters here also. Like if you are providing videos of physics class. And have explained Newton’s 2nd law. So while creating a playlist, you can put 1st law’s video before and 3rd law’s video after. Don’t just put any video in the playlist. Along with relevancy, the chronology also matters. YouTube also ensures that channel which uses playlist perform better than their competitors. Now let’s go to the 8th point.

8. Sharing On Social Media Is Important:-

Social media is the most popular platform on the internet. Almost 60% of the population uses social media. And if you are not using social media, then you are losing so many viewers. Let’s say from 60% only 1% of peoples are potential viewers. But only 1% is also huge. Social media has so much benefit for a business.

If you upload a video and directly share them on social media, social media might not show your videos to all your followers. So upload a teaser of your video and add a link in the caption. YouTube likes when users are coming from another platform, so might be then, they will rank you higher.

9. Influencer Marketing Can Give You Benefits:-

Nowadays, influencer marketing is one of the biggest types of marketing. And if you are ignoring it, you are missing so many things. Influencers can convert your small brand into bigger brands. The reason behind its effectiveness is, influencers have a large number of loyal followers. And influencers have a huge impact in the likings of their followers. And biggest reason you should consider this is, they are less expensive then inviting celebrity.

You can hire them according to relevant niche and make them promote your channel. In this way your channel can grow very fast and with loyal viewers.

10. Communicate with your Viewers:-

This is the last point of our list of 10 ways to get more views on YouTube. And this also one the most important point. Effective communication can motivate your viewers and can increase your views. Add a catchy introduction at the start of the video. Understand them and make your content according to them and tell them to subscribe, like, and comment. In this way you can increase your engagement by more than 5%.


In the end, before wrapping up lets see what was in the article. There were only three main points. They were,

  • YouTube SEO is very important if you want an additional advantage over your other competition.
  • Your content is most important because if you are unable to retain your viewers you are gonna get more views in long run.
  • And last but not the least, sharing is very important because without sharing you will be unable to get views.

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